Nails, nail polish and more

This blog has two parts: The base(clear polish) coat part and the actual polish part. This is the base coat part. So let’s start.

The base coat is usually clear polish(top coat too) . A good tip is to always have good quality clear polish, it also depends on the prize 🙂 . I have the  Essence-the gel nail polish. I recommend Sally Hansen. I see a lot nail videos and they always recommend Sally Hansen. Now I want to say more about the quality of the polish. I don’t like the matt polishes or that ones thet make little lumps also if your using a bad quality top coat the whole nail will not look so good.

Maybe you think: Why use a base coat,it does’t really matter? or It won’t make a difference! It will make a difference.The polish will look nicer and it won’t go down so quick.

Here at the end of the blog I posted a video of me and how I polish my nails. It’s with time laps so if it’s too quick for you let me know in the comments and I will remake it.

Have fun polishing your nails 🙂


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