Snowflake T-shirt DIY


So this winter there is no snow in Slovakia, so I thought no snow outside i’ll put it on a T-shirt! I took photos as I made it so here is my DIY snowflake T-shirt:

Step 1: This is the stuff you will need: Colour for textile for dark fabric -optional for the kind of fabric you have if you have a white T-shirt I recommend red or blue colour for the snowflakes, mine were silver. You will need a snowflake ornament and I sticked it on a piece of sponge so it will make a nice stamper. Also you’ll need a paint brush.IMG_20160116_153946

Step 2: So dip your brush in the colour and paint the snowflake on the other side (not the side where the sponge is).Then stamp it on the shirt.Oops! forgot.First you need put something the inside of the shirt so It will be easier.I took a board and wrapped it around with foil.Then after that you stamp on the snowflake.Be sure to do it quick you don’t want the paint to dry!


Step 3: When I took the stamper of the snowflake wasn’t very bright and coloured so I decided to colour it with a brush like this:IMG_20160116_154749

So then you just repeat these two steps and the best part is you choose the layout and you can fill it with anything:stars hearts (cute for Valentine’s day 😉 ). That’s what I love about DIY’s you can make it your way. If you do this T-shirt be sure to share it with me on Instagram. My Instagram is nattyk04. So be sure to follow me. After I’m done with the shirt my mum ironed it for me and then we washed it, but It’s optional just follow the instructions on your fabric paint.

I hope you like my T-shirt,if you did please comment.

Have fun with your DIY’s 😀


And this is how it looks in the end. 🙂
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