Winter fashion

So I am currently on spring break in Austria and it’s really cold and snowy in here so I thought why not make a winter fashion inspired blog. Because winter is slowly over and sometimes in winter you are warm but look awful. These are some of my tips to be warm but look great.

TIP 1Cute down jackets: I personally think that down jackets are awesome, but until this Christmas I had a horrible one. It was super long and it was blue and the hoody was neon pink with pink fur. I know it sounds good, but I hated it. This Christmas I got a new black one. It is shorter and it covers my neck too and it has a cute gold zipper. But be prepared, you will look a little fuller with these jackets.f-f-concealed-hood-padded-jacket

TIP 2: Cozy boots: There are three types of boots that I love during winter season: 1. Leather boots: This type of boots wears everybody during winter. They are super chic and elegant, but there are horrible ones like neon yellow. My tip with these is pick nice ones but they also need to be comfy because you are going to walk in them the whole winter.

2. Ankle boots: These boots are my favourite footwear in winter or autumn. I love them because they are easy to throw on and go with everything, even that horrible coat :D. Tip for these boots is if you  have a high instep like me it’s going to be hard to find boots that fit you.images-9




3.Ugg boots: This kind of boots is my second favourite because they are so fuzzy and warm inside but cute outside. These boots go with a lot of things too but not skirts (sorry 😦 ). A tip for Ugg boots is that pick ones with  thicker sole. They are not meant for snow but when it’s a rainy winter you will need a thicker sole so your feet don’t get all wet.

TIP 3: Turtleneck dress: We all know turtleneck sweaters, but a turtleneck dress is another level! This dress is perfect for winter parties or just for chilling home. They are warm and super cozy but they look awesome. Here’s a picture of  outfits that I would wear with turtleneck dress. One is more for chilling and one is more of a party style.

These were my 3 tips for warm and cute things in winter.  My spring break is almost over but spring hasn’t even started so I’m really excited for spring. Are you excited for spring too? Comment!

Enjoy the rest of winter.


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