Top 3 accessories that go with everything

So this kind of blog has been requested (by @mkamendy). These accessories are my tops so if you have other ones that’s totally fine. Actually it shows that each of us is unique. It’s going from scale from 3-1 (one is the best). Let’s get started.

NUMBER 3: Loom bands bracelets: Okay I think we all know these and how to make them. I learned it on You tube. The cool thing is that you can make them matching to literally every outfit. I’m not kidding. They’re also a great hobby, but I’m not so good at it. But to all the professionals who can make flowers, emojis etc. from loom bands it’s even better for you. It’s also a great gift for your friends and family.

WARNING! I didn’t make these!! 😀

NUMBER 2: Earrings: Now this is a pretty obvious one, but I love earrings! I think they just add a great pop to your outfit. My mum makes earrings like a hobby. They are really nice a lot of them are in my collection. I have a tip for earring. They can be really expensive sometimes. So I wear earrings that I got from my mum or I buy cheap ones. I got really nice ones in a junk store. They have a mirror effect and are in a shape of an like Natalia. And they were like 3 euros.  So you see. The red ones are the one my mum made.

NUMBER 1: Pearls: My number one are pearls because they go with absolutely everything and ad a chic touch to your outfit. And they can be any colour from simple white or black to purple. And they don’t have to be a bracelet, they can be a necklace, earrings or even headband or bobby pin. So the options are endless.

I hoped you liked this blog and that these accessories are some of your favourites too. Don’t forget to check out @mkamendy‘s website. I’ll put the link here  . You will found some good running stuff there. 🙂 The link is not visible just click that empty space there. 

Have fun with accessories


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