Spring fashion

Sorry for not writing this week but my B-day and school kept me busy. Also I was in Austria till today so really sorry (I missed it too). So since you liked my Winter fashion I bring you Spring fashion

#1 Sneakers: Converse, Sketchers, half sneakers (that was a tip 🙂 ). All look great. My personal favourite are Converse. The best thing about sneakers is that they go with EVERYTHING. Plus they are any colour you want to match your outfit, I’m not saying that you have to buy every sneakers in the world just that you can buy ones with natural colours or colours that you especially like. Also you wear sneakers most of your life cause take gym class, workout,outfit,hiking…56420d2496771ce632e3df6e_sneakers-tout.jpg

#2 Hoodies: They are for the early spring when it’s still a little chilly. Best thing about hoodies is that if your having trouble finding an outfit you can just wear a hoodie and jeans and you have it. My personal favourite are hoodies with penguins and names of cities, films,hashtags… I love hoodies because they are fun and if you have a thing printed on them it adds a special pop of speciality.

#3 Skirts: I think skirts just scream spring cause you look great in them no matter what. You can wear them under a hoodie or a shirt tucked in or with a crop top. And also like with the hoodies they add so much colour and pop. I like wearing a colour full skirt. They can be in different shapes or with little decorations too. 


Anyways I don’t want to make this blog too long so  I’ll end with 3 things like I usually do 🙂 Here I have photos of outfits that I would wear for spring.

Have a great spring.


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4 thoughts on “Spring fashion

  1. Your blog is full of awesome ideas!
    Love this article – I will definitely follow some of your ideas for fresh spring outfits as skirts, sneakers and hoodies are also my favorite ones 🙂
    Keep writing, cant wait for next tips!

    Liked by 1 person

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