Coachella fashion

So I am a You tube addict and lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Coachella videos so I’ve decided to make a blog about Coachella fashion. I’m so sorry that I haven’t uploaded a blog last week but I didn’t have time 😦 . Also I have never been to Coachella  because 1. I don’t live in America and 2. I am only twelve  but these ideas are from the internet or from pics I saw. And for those who don’t know what Coachella is, its a music festival in a desert.

1. Nail art: You don’t have to have super nail art skills to make a cute mani. You can just use one colour or two or three and it can look super cute. I would choose my outfit first and then the colour of the nail polish. My colours would be turquoiselight bluepurple, etc. But if you can go to a nail artist or are one rock that! My favourite is this one by @blackqueennaildesing go follow her on Instagram.d18db0866b5d6a9dc29519ee28a0c3dd

2. Accessories: Every one (99.6%) knows that on Coachella you go all out and wear tons of jewellery,flowers, bracelets, hats… I love flower crowns cause they look so boho and summery so perfect for Coachella. They don’t have to be super big or crazy I personally like better the small ones. My favourite you tub-er Alisha Marie said that if you think you are wearing to much jewellery put on double and you blend in perfectly 🙂 .9b6448bcd614202dde4ba2082872b248

3. Make up+ face paint: I’m sure every one wears face paint or flash tattoos at Coachella and I think they are absolutely perfect. If I did go to Coachella I would definitely follow some tutorials cause sometimes it can turn out really bad. Here I don’t have much to say because I’m super unexperienced with makeup. Here are looks I would wear: On the first one is Alisha and the other one I found on pinterest.

4. Outfits: The outfits on Coachella are always so boho and full of pastels and colours. And you can be super creative with them and go (again) all out. I also like that people wear vests. Leather ones or fabric ones with tassels  are super cute or maxi skirts, crop tops, shorts and so much more! I really recommend pinterest for outfit ideas.


Hope you liked my suggestions  and tips. I feel like I said Coachella a hundred times 🙂 . Comment what blogs would you like to see in the future and if you are going to Coachella I hope you have a good time. But here is my last tip: If you are going to Coachella or any music festival the key is to have fun. I know it’s so cliche but it’s true.

Have fun creating Coachella outfits


Ps: If you want to see that picture of Alisha better, click on it. 🙂0f219c797d7808cb70e2b539bcd932bd


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