A trip in a hot air balloon

So  yesterday (actually Friday) I was in a hot air balloon and I wanted to post about it because it was really beautiful and exiting  so here are some photos of my trip. Don’t worry next week I’ll be back with a normal fashion blog.

First the balloon looked like this. We had fan that helped blow the air into the balloon and sometimes we blowed the fire.

This is how the balloon looks in the air. It’s not our balloon cause you have to get in quickly so I didn’t have the chance. But here is the picture of the inside of ours.

Here are some view pictures of our balloon. We actually saw some rabbits and deers in the fields.

And this is the end of our trip and here is the fire blowing at night and up in the view pictures is the sunset.

Hope you liked this blog. I know it was different but I actually enjoy reading travel blogs. If you liked this let me know in the comments and maybe in the summer I will post more 😉 .

Have fun making great memories



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