Sleep fashion

So I went to bed last night and it got me thinking: We have trends for day clothes but what about night? And so I said, why not write a blog about it. I’m talking pyjamas, night gowns and a lot more.  Enjoy!

Pyjamas:  Sometimes we have cute pyjamas, sometimes we look horrible. I’m not that who picks like a hoodie and sweatpants for a pyjamas but I have sets or night gowns. My tip is to have comfortable pyjamas obviously, but if you have a sleepover for a first time pick some nice pyjamas. Cause let’s be real for friends that I known my whole life I don’t try 😉 .

Night gowns: These are the best for summer because they’re breezy, short and cute too. There are also night gowns for winter but I’m always cold. But be careful because they are short so don’t bend over to much 😉 .

Onesies:   They are a huge trend this year and they are absolutely adorable. We don’t have them much in Slovakia but in the USA everyone has them. Onesies are so comfortable and  again like with the pyjamas  at home you wear a unicorn or some animal 🙂 and with new friends you have the cute ones. But unicorn onesies are perfect for sleepovers. And onesies are so good for winter.

I hope you liked this blog and I hope you had a great week. Next week there will be very exiting blogs because I’m going to Milan over the weekend. 

Have fun at sleepovers


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