A trip to Milan

So I went to Milan this weekend and it was awesome! I made thousands of photos to share with you. This blog will have two parts because I can’t fit in that much pictures. Enjoy!

Park in the Milan castle:  The park was one of the best parks I ever saw. There was a huge river/lake in the middle. They were many people there on picnics, studying, hanging out or even at a bachelor party. Many animals were there too, by many I mean many ducks and turtles 🙂 .

Duomo: This cathedral was the greatest and most decorated ever. We could go to the roof and to the inside. It was so big! I don’t know what to say more about this, just look at the pictures.

That’s all for this blog I will make a part two tomorrow. I’m sorry this is up so late but I came home just yesterday 😦 . Here are some additional photos.

Have fun traveling


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