How to dress to an airplane trip

So I wrote about my trip to Milan last week and I decided that it would be fun to write about airplane fashion. Here I will write some tips on what to wear and what essential you need to bring in your hand luggage.

Wear comfortable clothes: Planes aren’t usually very comfortable especially on long trips so I don’t really care that much what I look like. Some of my favourite stuff to wear are jumpers. I recently got one in Milan and its so breezy and comfortable that I could live in it. Or you can wear the good old combination hoodie+sweatpants because its warm if your going to a colder country. Just don’t wear it if your meeting someone new there cause you might make a bad impression. 🙂

Hairstyles: On a plane your hairstyle will probably get ruined of finding a comfortable position s I recommend a bun or a braid or just wear your  hair down. Maybe you can take a hairbrush with you. 

Hand luggage: What I usually bring is basic stuff like a book, headphones, water maybe a charger… I would recommend bringing some mints or gum for the landing and take off for the pressure. Sometimes people bring their computer with i do sometimes 🙂 . Just bring something to entertain you.

I really hope you liked this blog and liked some of my tips with were pretty basic.

Have fun on palnes



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