My first fashion show experience

So on Wednesday I attended a fashion show that students from the art university made. Each of them had different themes and each of them was beautiful. I picked out 8 of my personal favourites and talk about what I liked about that model an from which collection it was. There were these collections: Balance, Element Zero,Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed,Pletenina a jej hranice (Knitwear and its limits),Collection Madaya,Soul remembers,Weakness becomes strength, Dreams, No Identity, 

Collection: Weakness becomes strength 

I couldn’t really see it well but I believe the it was a flowy dress  with a flowy pantsuit which was the theme of the collection . I liked it because it was black but also very breezy so you want be that hot in the summer.

Collection: No Identity

This collection was about unisex which in this way meant that men or women could exchange pieces of their clothing which I really like. This was a skirt, sheer top and leggings combination with is very strange but in this case very pretty.

Collection: Element Zero

Element Zero was about white and really simple pieces. Some of them were kind of strange but this one was really pretty. There were similar looks like this but this one was the best for me especially the hidden arms and the shoulder slip were very nice together.

Collection: Dreams

This collection was the strangest in my book but it’s called dreams so it’s perfect. I really liked the colours that were used in these outfits. I also liked the skirt but the blazers were just too much for me but I still liked it.

Collection: Collection Madaya

I couldn’t really choose between these outfits because all of them were different and they weren’t my type. But I liked the message that this collection shared. It was about women from Syria and they’re fashion. It had a bit of military fashion and a bit of Syrian refugee fashion. Even when it wasn’t my type I loved it.

Collection: Dreams

Yet another weird clothing which is pretty at the same time. Well pretty… I like the upper half I think it would go very good with a dress. But the pants… I don’t really know, again I like the colour.

Collection: Soul Remembers

This collection was about adding purses to your dress. No really part of the dress was a purse. I liked it because I though it was very funny but smart to add a purse to an outfit like this.

Collection: Balance13268416_1142741829080265_1732819709695291732_o.jpg

I didn’t have many pictures of this beautiful collection so I ‘stole’ this one from their Facebook page. The dresses were made of a special rock that was sewable. I loved it because it was so natural and pretty

I didn’t post any dresses from the pink collection because I really didn’t like it at all. It was on the theme transgender which I have nothing against but I hated the clothes. See for yourself.13268102_1142741282413653_4269625058509283326_o.jpgI hoped you liked this blog I put a little more effort in it because I had to photograph it then choose and then start writing at 20:46 so I would love if you like it or subscribe to my blog.

Have fun at fashion shows 


PS: Let me know in the comments if you hated that pink collection too 😀

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