Summer fashion

So it’s that time of the year again where the season changes and I make a blog about it. I give you Summer fashion! In this blog I will include more tips because summer is my favourite season. Enjoy!

Crop tops: They are a huge hit this year! Crop tops come in so different colours,patterns,shapes… These are great because you look great and your not too hot witch  is important. 😉 You can also have one to mach your shorts ( which are a summer essential too)

Rompers: They are similar to jumpers but they are shorter. Other than that they are the same. I think rompers make a great cover-up to the beach or pool.unnamed-12

Flowy dresses: I don’t know about you but in the summer my style changes to a little bit more boho. And these are perfect for that. Super breezy, cute and they can work as a cover-up too. I saw on youtube and pinterest that people put swimsuits under  white flowy dresses and it makes them really cute.

Braids: Another big hit this year. Especially the double braids. I like to wear a side braid in the summer cause my hair is so big it makes member hot, so I braid it. Good thing in the summer are flower crowns, to know more about them checkout Coachella fashion (little self promo 🙂 ) If you would like a hairstyle related blog write it down in the comments.

Hats: An amazing and helpful accessory. I’m more of a small hat person but the big ones are awesome too. I would recommend getting a natural colour like white, black, brown or beige. Trust I learned this the hard way (people from school who see this you know what I’m talking about).

Of the shoulder top: I am so in love with these altho they can get pretty annoying 🙂 . They are boho, breezy and cute so that’s a yes for me in the summer. These tops also come as rompers or dresses.

Hope you liked this blog it was a little bit longer but for a good reason. If you liked it like it, comment or subscribe witch ever you like ;). 

Have fun in summer


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