Dog fashion

So this blog was requested by my lovely friend Koca. She has a dog so she said why don’t you do a dog related blog. I don’t have a dog, I just have a rabbit so my suggestions are going to be from the Internet or from what I see. Let’s go.

Small dogs: I love small dogs like chihuahua or small puddles are adorable. People always buy little sweaters and skirts… for them and it’s so cute. For some dogs who are very fluffy it might be harder to put that sweater on.


Medium sized dogs: These are very cute too but people mostly put clothes on small dogs. I think it’s so people could see them better. 😀 I found some little ponchos and Adidas shirts.


Large sized dogs: Now these are the dogs that rarely wear something. But I found and Adidas hoodie similar to the one above. Koca has a large sized dog and it’s really cute.

Hope you liked this blog. I’m sorry if it was a little short but I mentioned that I don’t have any experience. Also I’m sorry that this blog came out late. Last week was full of test I had no time. Comment what is your favorite dog. Mine is a black pug.6b7d071a495adce7b3399ba299467cdd

Have fun with your dog (or any pet 😀 )


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