Swimsuit fashion

So swimsuit season is here! Here are some new trends to get you ready for summer.

One pieces: This is a huge trend this year! One pieces are coming back. But not just regular. Cut-outs, long backs and more. All the celebrities are wearing them too. For example Kylie Jenner wore this black swimsuit. These picture are some of the trendiest swimsuits. One pieces are good for people who don’t like to tan. Like me.


Bikinis: Now this is an obvious one, but new cool patterns are here fruits, animals and triangles. There are some that look like one pieces.

High wasted: A trend from the vintage times. They are so cute cause you can get retro ones but you can get a bit cheeky. It can help to hide a not so good bikini body.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. If I talked a bit less than I do it’s because your swimsuit choice is just yours. But I have some photos I want to share. In my last blog I mentioned Koca’s dog. Her name is Sara.

Have fun swimming


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