Slumber party

So currently  I’m on a slumber party with my best friend Koca that I mentionend earlier. We decided to do a sleep over blog and here are some of are tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Invitations: We think that invitations are better for when you have a big party or a birthday party.unnamed (5)

Food: We think that you should have (in the summer) some fruit, ice cream obviously and some good drinks like smoothies or juices. You can’t also forget some popcorn and chocolate. 😀 Also you can make some food DIYs.

Things you can do: There’s absolutely no limits with this. From nails to face masks from karaoke to chasing your friend’s dog. But when it’s summer you will probably stay in the pool all day.

Outfits: Yesterday  we pretty much just stayed in are swimsuits and then some comfy clothes. If your going to a new friend’s house or it’s a big sleepover bring some nice pajamas.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Sorry it came out late but I was away last week. Also I had this idea that in summer especially in Sicilly I will blog more often. Tell me if you like it or not. Have a great summer break! And…

Have on slumber parties


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