Summer essentials

So summer is a time when our hair and skin need more attention then ever. That’s why I made a list of the top picks for skin, hair and fun stuff. Enjoy.

Hair: My hair is extremely dry not just during summer so I like to use a repair cream for my hair besides my shampoo. Also I like to use hairspray and oil.

Skin: This is an obvious one but always use sunscreen. I would know because I got sunburned this year. A good tip if you get sunburned is to use aloe vera ice cubes or aloe vera lotion. It helps a lot. Also for you sun and sea dehydrated skin use moisturizer or face cream.

Beach:Some of the beach essentials are a beach bag, towel and for me a camera or a phone. Of course you need a hat to protect your head. And if you want to know more about summer fashion check out Summer fashion and Bikini fashion. Floaties are a huge trend this year so I would recommend those. Also don’t forget to pack some water too. Fruit infused water helps you drink more so try using that.

 I forgot to mention that bikini bag. I use a bag like it when I go swimming and it’s really helpful. 

I hope you liked this blog and that it helped you. If you think I forgot something comment.Also next week I am going to Bulgaria so that will be another travel blog.

Have fun in summer


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