What to do when you are bored in summer

So I don’t know about you, but I am never bored in summer and I mean never. My mom plans my whole summer so there are only a few days that I am home. And on those days I usually re-pack. But if you are bored here are some things you can do.

Try to do a DIY: Now I wrote try because I am not really good at crafts. But it can be fun to at least try! So browse Pinterest (plus this step works like boredom killer too 😉 ) and find a cool DIY. I personally love food DIY’s .

unnamed (25).jpg

Start working out: Ok we all want to have that bikini body and when you are bored start working out not only will it help you but you will not be bored, trust me. I like working out with Cassey Ho aka Blogilates. She’s a great instructor and motivator. She also has some healthy food recipes. Her site is called http://www.blogilates.com and her channel is called Blogilates too. My BFF Koca likes her too.

Start a blog or a YouTube channel: This is my personal favorite 😀 . If you start a blog or a channel you will never be bored again! I think this is a thing everyone can do. I can’t really explain how you will not be bored, but you will find yourself worrying about it more and more.

Try a new hobby: Also part of the point above. Summer is the best time to start something new. It doesn’t mean only instruments and a new sport count as a hobby. For example learn how to braid or try to recreate a hairstyle,try painting or drawing, take photos… see there is a lo of small stuff and it can be fun. Just experiment.

 Travel: It doesn’t have to be a place far away from your home, it can be local. You can just walk around the historic part or go on a hike if you have a hill near by. If you can drive, take a road trip or you can just go to the mall like me and my BFF Koca that I mentioned earlier.Another option is camping witch I am going to do really soon.  But you can go to a crazy place like Thailand or The Bahamas if you can 😉 .

Hope you liked this blog full of nice photos if I might say. I know my blogs haven’t been about fashion lately but I’m hoping to extend my topics. If you noticed I am officially http://www.fashionbyteens.com! So I’m hoping this blog could be fashion and lifestyle+tips and tricks . Comment what posts would you like to see next.

Have fun not being bored 😀


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