A trip to High Tatras

So last week I was on a vacation in High Tatras and it was awesome. I would have to say my favorite trip was Prosiecka dolina. We saw some small waterfalls and climbed ladders and stones. But the waterfall it self was suuuuper small 😀 .

These are some pics from Kvacianska dolina. As you can see there were some goofy goats, that were stealing food from us and some waterfalls (you can’t tell I love taking pics of water can you?) and forests.

These shots are from Prosiecka dolina. I made a lot of photos there and this is the start.


Some view photos…

And some pictures of me and my friends or flowers 😉

Oh, I almost forgot. There were some extra friendly butterflies that sat on our hands, legs, heads and noses apparently 😉 .

Hope you like this blog. I am sad to announce that it’s one of my last summer travel blogs. 😦 But let me know if you would like to see some back to school themed blogs. Also like this post if you like hiking and mountains ( that’s two likes from my parents). 

Have fun the last summer days


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