How to deal with BFF problems

So I was planning to do a back to school blog, but then my trip to England came and with it came BFF problems. So I won’t give you the details, but here are some of my tips for how to deal with them.

1. Talk it out: Now this is the complete basic. If you had an argument (big or small), the best way to figure it out is when you tell each other what you think. 

2. Don’t be stubborn: I just added this like a side note. If your BFF hurt your feelings it’s okay to feel sad or mad. But when she apologizes and maybe give you a small gift, don’t be stubborn and not accept her apology or don’t talk to her. She  then might feel mad and hurt and your friendship could be broken.

3.Forgive and forget: After you talk it out don’t forget to apologize! But make sure if you did something bad to apologize first and vice versa. And also when you both apologize and hug etc. don’t bring up the argument again or always say “see I was right!”, you might start a bigger argument then your last one was.

4. Gifts: Now this could sound really random, but after you forgive each other your BFF might sill be a little sad. To make sure that doesn’t happen, try to surprise her with a little customized gift or invite her to the cinema or plan a nice sleepover.  

Hope you enjoyed this blog and that it helped you with your BFF problems, if you or someone else has them. Like this blog if you like your BFF. If you would like to see more of this kind of blog  or if you would like to see some back to school/fall related blog tell me in the  comments.

Have fun with your BFF



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