DIY Halloween/fall room decor

So happy October! I call October the ‘Saturday’ of fall. It reminds me of the absolute middle of fall. Like September is the ‘Friday’ and November is the ‘Sunday’.On to more important stuff. Since it’s fall and Halloween season I thought it was appropriate to do some DIY room decor. But I have one blue wall in my room, which means it’s a bit harder for me to decorate my room with the fall colours, So this will be universal decor. Just a disclaimer: I did take these ideas of Pinterest and You Tube, so if you find them elsewhere don’t comment mean stuff there. I stole them 🙂 .

Pumpkin decoration: Now this idea is for the people who don’t like pumpkin carving. I like it, but this year I decided to colour it. To match my room, but also look like fall I chose gold acrylic paint. Of course you can chose any colour you want to match your room. But if your going for a fall look try to use a more earthy and warm colour.

so first I painted the pumpkin of course and then I wrote a autumn quote, I made up 🙂 .

Chestnut and acorn jar decoration: This decoration is very pretty and also useful if you have empty jars laying around the house. So first you go outside to enjoy the nice scenery and pickup some chestnuts and acorns, or if you don’t have any chestnut or acorn trees around, you can make a road trip out of this and see if you find some. Anyway when you picked up your nuts, paint some of them in any colour you want. The coloured nuts really pop and make your room look really autumn and tumlbr.

I also picked up some pine cones and painted them gold like the nuts. As you can see me and my friends picked up a lot more than we should, but we just got carried away 😀 .

Starbucks cup decoration:  So you know those pretty fall-themed cups you get at Starbucks in fall. But only some of the drawing are coloured,  so I decided to colour the rest and make it all colourful and nice. It’s really therapeutic, just like those colouring mandala books.IMG_20161009_165115 (1).jpg 

 Hope you enjoyed this blog. Tell me if you like this type of blog (and my photos) . And tell me what type of posts you would like to see next. I really need it 😉 . Comment what DIY was your favourite.

Have a great ‘Saturday’ of fall


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