My top 5 Halloween costumes 2016

So guys happy Halloween! I hope at least one of you reading this gets to go to a Halloween party, cause I don’t have one this year. But I always liked Halloween costumes or costumes in general so here you have my top picks for costumes 2016!

1. Harley Quinn/ Suicide squad: Now these costumes are a big trend this year since the movie came out. Many girls this year are dressing up as Harley Quinn so I included that as a special category. But if you have a bigger group of friends you can dress as all the characters. And sorry but I couldn’t find any nice pictures of a whole suicide squad costume 😦 .aviary-photo_131224097765151432 2. Snapchat filters: Dog filter, deer filter, Gold goddess filter you name it. I like this costume because 1. it’s easy and involves no effort 2. you can super creative! So for any filter you want you just need some face paint maybe some fabric and arts and crafts stuff for the head pieces. It can be a great BFF or squad costume too.

3. Beyonce’s Lemonade: so this year Beyonce came out with a new album and a new music video. One of my top favorite costumes comes from this video. In one of the scenes she is wearing a yellow flowy dress and she has a baseball bat in her hands. In the scene her hair is curled.  You can recreate this look with any yellow dress and  your brothers baseball bat ;).


4.Sarbucks cup: Starbucks is huge around the world. many people love dressing up as their favorite Frappuccinos and Lattes. for this you need green cardboard paper as the straw and a dress of any colour and the logo. This can also be a squad costume too. Basically everyone of these can be a group costume. You can check out Laurdiy on youtube. She has many Starbucks tutorials.starbucks costume.jpg

5.Pokemon Go trainer: This game became huge these past months and the costume is really easy.You just need to pick the right colours for the team you want. Then just grab a belt a hat some Pokeballs and some fabric and get ready to diy!449b8688_PS16_S09_Pokemon_01137_V2.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Comment wich costume was your favorite and what is your costume this year. Sorry this took so long but I was shooting for the next blog and school kept me busy etc.

Have fun on Halloween


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