Xmas shopping tips and tricks

So only 6 more days till Christmas. Last month I got a request for a blog like this, but I thought it was too soon. Which brings me to point number one:

1. Go ahead of time: Now I’m not saying you should go Xmas shopping in early November. But I’ts good to go early for example on Black Friday. The Xmas stuff is in stores and you’ll get a good deal. Maybe you think there’s better stuff in December. Great, you can go in December but not on the 21st or a week before Christmas. All of the good stuff will be gone and if you want to buy it online, chances are they won’t deliver it on Christmas.sale1.jpg

2.Make a list (and check it twice : ) ) : This is a helpful tip for people who forget things. Like me. If you know what your friends and family want for Christmas, write down their names and what they want next to them. Then when you go shopping you will know what they want and you won’t forget anyone.sale 2.jpg

3. Go with friends: It’s so much better to go shopping in any season with friends. Not only can you get their input on the things that you’re buying, but you can also see what they like and then buy it for them. Also it’s always more fun.sale-3

I hope you enjoyed this blog and liked my tips. And as always like this blog if you like Xmas shopping and let me know in the comments what do you want for Christmas and what would you like to see next.

Have fun Christmas shopping


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