What I got for Xmas (pt. 2)

So I hope you all had great holidays, and got lots and lots of presents. Since these past two days I was away at both of my grandparent’s houses (getting presents 😀 ) I didn’t have time to blog. So here is what I got (again). Ps: The clothes that I got are currently in the wash, so my pictures are from the Internet.

Of course I got some more Lush stuff! The first one is a shower gel called The Comforter and it smells like a super fruity bubblegum and it’s a really vibrant pink color. Next is my favourite body scrub- Ocean salt. It smells great and I think it’s made of salt, avocado butter and something else. It really helps for skin smoothing or anything else. 


This is a book I wanted for a really long time. It’s the third book in the Girl Online series and it’s written by a fellow blogger I think you all know- Zoella. The book is about a blogger too and I can’t wait to read it.


Then I got this sleeping mask. It’s from a fleece like material and it’s really soft. Also it doesn’t fall of the head easily, like most sleeping masks do.



Next I got this black tulle skirt from Reserved. It has a thick satin belt and it’s really pretty. I’m sure gonna wear this on New year’s eve .   Ps: Thanks to mum for posing.


I also got this cropped sweater and graphic T-shirt from Forever 21. I love the squad T-shirt and I can’t wait to wear it. The voila crop top will be used as a cover up for one of my dresses. Definitely recommend these!

dsc_0205  Look at these amazing headphones! I have wanted these for sooo long and they are so pretty. I will love them also as a accessory.




Lastly I got this red velvet bomber jacket. It has some patches on it and it looks beautiful. And I will get away with wearing an all black outfit with this.







I hope you enjoyed this blog and had a great Christmas. And this post is my last post in 2016, so happy new year! Write down in the comments some of your new years resolutions. Mine is: stop eating so much chocolate 🙂

Have fun in 2017


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