What to do on an airplane trip

Dear friends,

so I know I didn’t write a blog this week and that was because I needed to wait till Friday afternoon. Why, do you ask?  Well it’s because I will be spending this weekend in Switzerland! I am so excited to see my family again cause I haven’t seen them in a very long time. I will post a lot photos don’t worry 😉. 

But sometimes we can get quite bored while we’re waiting for our plane or are on the plane. So here are some things you can do so you won’t be bored!

1.music:I absolutely love music. It’s the meaning of my life, seriously. When I listen to music I feel like I’m in another world and the time just flies. So if you’re plane is delayed or you’re bored on the plane, put on your favourite tunes and you will feel okay😊.

2. read a book: So in addition to my love for music I also like to read. I love good book on a long plane trip because again time goes so much faster.  So next time you pack you bag, don’t forget to add your favourite book.

3.sleep:  If you accidentally forget your book and your headphones, you can still sleep! Sometimes your flight is really early or really late, so just take a nice nap. And your plane ride will be over much faster, but don’t forget to wake up😉!

4.talk with someone:This one really works if your flying with someone, cause than you can just have a nice talk on the plane. If your flying with your parents you can tell them a funny story that happened in school or if your flying with friends than you can really just talk about anything 😁.

These were just some of my tips of how not to be bored on your trip. There is also an option of staring out of the window the entire ride but who would want to do that. Anyway  I have a plane to catch, see you in Switzerland!

N signin out

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