Sleeping tips and tricks

Dear Friends,

So I don’t know about you, but I am the WORST at sleeping. I could be extremely tired and go to bed early, but I still wouldn’t sleep. Over these sleepless night I learned some hacks and tips to help me or just to make me feel less stressed, cause I stress out all the time 🙂

Tip 1: Make up stories in your head- This one works very well, at least for me. I am a big fan of fantasy movies so it’s easy for me to make up a story about it. So just pick your favourite movie, book or make up a story about anything and it will slowly put you to sleep.

Tip 2: Find a happy place- Ok, now this one might be a little generic, but it works. If you imagine a place and slowly start to add details you will get more and more sleepy. Just don’t picture a place with  a lot of problems cause that might keep you up and make you feel stressed.

Tip 3: Listen to music before bed- I found out about this trick completely by chance. One day I listened to  nice calming music before bed, just because I liked the singer. While I listened to it my eyes started to close and I was so relaxed I fell asleep immediately. But I wouldn’t recommend listening to upbeat music, that’s for the morning 😉

Tip 4: Don’t think about school/work- If you always think about your problems in bed, chances are you will get stressed out and won’t fall asleep. So at least try not to think about the test , presentation or what you have to do tomorrow. It will not help you, trust me.

Tip 5: Read a book- So reading a book before bed has helped my eyes to get more tired and again not to think about school, but instead I think about the story. Sometimes I can wind down on my computer or phone, but I still find a good book more relaxing.

These were some of my tips, and I hope they will help you. If you have some tips on your own, it would be great to write them down in the comment sections, so we can learn some new tricks.

This is N signin out

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