Sleeping tips and tricks

Dear Friends,

So I don’t know about you, but I am the WORST at sleeping. I could be extremely tired and go to bed early, but I still wouldn’t sleep. Over these sleepless night I learned some hacks and tips to help me or just to make me feel less stressed, cause I stress out all the time 🙂

Tip 1: Make up stories in your head- This one works very well, at least for me. I am a big fan of fantasy movies so it’s easy for me to make up a story about it. So just pick your favourite movie, book or make up a story about anything and it will slowly put you to sleep.

Tip 2: Find a happy place- Ok, now this one might be a little generic, but it works. If you imagine a place and slowly start to add details you will get more and more sleepy. Just don’t picture a place with  a lot of problems cause that might keep you up and make you feel stressed.

Tip 3: Listen to music before bed- I found out about this trick completely by chance. One day I listened to  nice calming music before bed, just because I liked the singer. While I listened to it my eyes started to close and I was so relaxed I fell asleep immediately. But I wouldn’t recommend listening to upbeat music, that’s for the morning 😉

Tip 4: Don’t think about school/work- If you always think about your problems in bed, chances are you will get stressed out and won’t fall asleep. So at least try not to think about the test , presentation or what you have to do tomorrow. It will not help you, trust me.

Tip 5: Read a book- So reading a book before bed has helped my eyes to get more tired and again not to think about school, but instead I think about the story. Sometimes I can wind down on my computer or phone, but I still find a good book more relaxing.

These were some of my tips, and I hope they will help you. If you have some tips on your own, it would be great to write them down in the comment sections, so we can learn some new tricks.

This is N signin out

What to do on an airplane trip

Dear friends,

so I know I didn’t write a blog this week and that was because I needed to wait till Friday afternoon. Why, do you ask?  Well it’s because I will be spending this weekend in Switzerland! I am so excited to see my family again cause I haven’t seen them in a very long time. I will post a lot photos don’t worry 😉. 

But sometimes we can get quite bored while we’re waiting for our plane or are on the plane. So here are some things you can do so you won’t be bored! absolutely love music. It’s the meaning of my life, seriously. When I listen to music I feel like I’m in another world and the time just flies. So if you’re plane is delayed or you’re bored on the plane, put on your favourite tunes and you will feel okay😊.

2. read a book: So in addition to my love for music I also like to read. I love good book on a long plane trip because again time goes so much faster.  So next time you pack you bag, don’t forget to add your favourite book.

3.sleep:  If you accidentally forget your book and your headphones, you can still sleep! Sometimes your flight is really early or really late, so just take a nice nap. And your plane ride will be over much faster, but don’t forget to wake up😉! with someone:This one really works if your flying with someone, cause than you can just have a nice talk on the plane. If your flying with your parents you can tell them a funny story that happened in school or if your flying with friends than you can really just talk about anything 😁.

These were just some of my tips of how not to be bored on your trip. There is also an option of staring out of the window the entire ride but who would want to do that. Anyway  I have a plane to catch, see you in Switzerland!

N signin out

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Dear Friends,

 So yesterday I was in bed and I was thinking about my future. Sometimes when I think about it I even get scared,like really freaked out. I don’t know why. Guess it’s just stressful to think about questions like this: Will my dream ever happen? Or What will happen? Will I be happy?. I know I shouldn’t stress about this, but I just can’t help it😊. 

But why do we always think about stuff like this? Why are we sometimes scared when we should be excited for the future? 

I think that nobody knows the answers. So I guess we just have to try not to be so stressed. I think I would be the happiest person on Earth if I wasn’t stressed. I think we all would be. 

In conclusion, let’s just all stop or try to stop worrying, get excited for the future and treat ourselves to some chocolate and coffee ( or tea, lemonade or whatever 😋) .  

So share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

This is N signin out


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Where I’ve been

So some of you may be wondering where I’ve been. I mean my last post was a Christmas post! The truth I just wasn’t happy with anything I wrote or wanted to write. I didn’t think I was being myself here on this blog and I wasn’t happy with that. When I started I wanted to write about fashion, and I still do,but I want to write about my life too. And I wasn’t sure if you, my readers would like it. 

But now I don’t care if anyone likes what I post, because I want these post to be honest and about me and I think you will like it better than that girl who I was pretending to be. 

So what now? I decided to change my name  toooo…. drumroll please…. N’ diary. Because I want this blog to be like my diary, about me. And it can also be about you, like a diary for you too. So feel free to start a discussion down in the comments.

Don’ t worry I will still post about fashion too😊. So let me know what you think about the new name and about this article in general.

This is N signin out

What I got for Xmas (pt. 2)

So I hope you all had great holidays, and got lots and lots of presents. Since these past two days I was away at both of my grandparent’s houses (getting presents 😀 ) I didn’t have time to blog. So here is what I got (again). Ps: The clothes that I got are currently in the wash, so my pictures are from the Internet.

Of course I got some more Lush stuff! The first one is a shower gel called The Comforter and it smells like a super fruity bubblegum and it’s a really vibrant pink color. Next is my favourite body scrub- Ocean salt. It smells great and I think it’s made of salt, avocado butter and something else. It really helps for skin smoothing or anything else. 


This is a book I wanted for a really long time. It’s the third book in the Girl Online series and it’s written by a fellow blogger I think you all know- Zoella. The book is about a blogger too and I can’t wait to read it.


Then I got this sleeping mask. It’s from a fleece like material and it’s really soft. Also it doesn’t fall of the head easily, like most sleeping masks do.



Next I got this black tulle skirt from Reserved. It has a thick satin belt and it’s really pretty. I’m sure gonna wear this on New year’s eve .   Ps: Thanks to mum for posing.


I also got this cropped sweater and graphic T-shirt from Forever 21. I love the squad T-shirt and I can’t wait to wear it. The voila crop top will be used as a cover up for one of my dresses. Definitely recommend these!

dsc_0205  Look at these amazing headphones! I have wanted these for sooo long and they are so pretty. I will love them also as a accessory.




Lastly I got this red velvet bomber jacket. It has some patches on it and it looks beautiful. And I will get away with wearing an all black outfit with this.







I hope you enjoyed this blog and had a great Christmas. And this post is my last post in 2016, so happy new year! Write down in the comments some of your new years resolutions. Mine is: stop eating so much chocolate 🙂

Have fun in 2017


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What I got for Xmas (pt.1)

So merry Christmas everyone! In Slovakia we open presents on Christmas Eve, so I have already opened my presents. This is only part one because on the 25th and the 26th, we go to my grandparents and I get more presents 😉 . So this is what my parents got medsc_0195

As you can see, I got quite a bit :).

First I got a Lush bath bomb. It’s called Twilight and it’s smells so amazing and it has such a pretty colour. I can’t wait to see how it looks in the water. (sorry for all the shadows)dsc_0198

Next is another thing from Lush. It’s a soap and it’s  called Rock Star. The soap smells amazing, very sweet, but not too sweet.dsc_0199

 Then I got a colour correcting palette from Essence. I’ve wanted it for sooo long, so I’m happy I finally got it. Next I got two lip glosses. One is pigmented and it smells like berries and vanilla…. 😀 and the other one is not so pigmented, but it looks great on lipstick. dsc_0201

I also got a book. It’s about fashion and it looks very interesting. It has all the important designers and photos of fashion shows.  The book looks great and i can’t wait to read it.dsc_0202

Next I got a red top with open shoulders. I love shirts like that and the colour looks great. You will see many photdsc_0203os of this one 🙂 .






And for the final gift…… I got a onesie! You have no idea for how long I wanted a onesie. This one is grey with this wintery pattern on it and it’s super comfy. I didn’t take a close up of this one, because you can see it very good in the first picture. It’s really comfy and warm.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I know it was a quick one, but don’t worry part 2 will be much longer. I think part two will be up on the 27th, because these two days I’m gonna be at one grandparents house and at another grandparents house, so it will be full of family. Let me know in the comments what you got for Christmas and when do you open presents.

Have a fun during winter break



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Xmas shopping tips and tricks

So only 6 more days till Christmas. Last month I got a request for a blog like this, but I thought it was too soon. Which brings me to point number one:

1. Go ahead of time: Now I’m not saying you should go Xmas shopping in early November. But I’ts good to go early for example on Black Friday. The Xmas stuff is in stores and you’ll get a good deal. Maybe you think there’s better stuff in December. Great, you can go in December but not on the 21st or a week before Christmas. All of the good stuff will be gone and if you want to buy it online, chances are they won’t deliver it on Christmas.sale1.jpg

2.Make a list (and check it twice : ) ) : This is a helpful tip for people who forget things. Like me. If you know what your friends and family want for Christmas, write down their names and what they want next to them. Then when you go shopping you will know what they want and you won’t forget 2.jpg

3. Go with friends: It’s so much better to go shopping in any season with friends. Not only can you get their input on the things that you’re buying, but you can also see what they like and then buy it for them. Also it’s always more

I hope you enjoyed this blog and liked my tips. And as always like this blog if you like Xmas shopping and let me know in the comments what do you want for Christmas and what would you like to see next.

Have fun Christmas shopping


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Winter fashion

So i’ts that time again when the season changes and with it come new trends in fashion. These are some of my personal favourites, not everyone’s top picks. You can comment your favourites this year. Enjoy!

1. Earmuffs: Believe me when I say I’m obsessed with earmuffs. No really ask my mum. I love them so much because I ear ponytails often, so a beanie doesn’t always look right. They are the perfect solution for your ears not freezing off and still looking cute with your hair up. Plus you can totally use them to spice up a boring outfit. Oh, and if you watch the show scream queens, you know you love them too.

2.Big scarves:

Now these have become extremely popular this year and they are really practical and cozy. If you get cold during the day you can just wrap it around you. They can spice up a plain outfit, like the earmuffs , but the plaid or fuzz makes it more wintery or autumy. You can also find them in any colour you like to match you preferences.

Velvet: I have recently become obsessed with velvet and it’s been huge these past months. I love it because it’s so unique and it keeps you warm during the winter time 🙂 .  The good thing is you can get any piece of clothing in velvet. A top, a skirt, some pants, a dress anything.

I hope you liked this blog and again let me know in the comments you r Xmas faves. And let me know what you would like to see next.

Have fun in fashionable winter wear


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Winter/Christmas haul

So here in Slovakia we had a 4 day weekend this week so of course I and my mum did some shopping. Since we bought quite a lot I wanted to show you the stuff that I got, maybe give you some decor inspiration. Enjoy!

img_20161119_171821547 First I bought this little sparkly silver tree. I really like it as a piece of decor and it’s so nice and glittery 🙂 .


Next I bought these stars.  I want to hang them up on my chandelier or windows. Of course they will not stay brown, I think I will paint them in white or some sparkly silver.


Then I bought this sing in a frame that says Beauty Queen (duh). You can’t see it good in the picture but the background is a very nice light pink colour. I just redid my vanity and this frame with fairy lights looks very glamorous.

Next i bought a high heel cookie cuter. I waned a nice fashionable cookie cuter for a long time and now I get to decorate a nice shoe besides all the Christmas stuff.

img_20161119_173446676 Here you can see a beautiful purple candy cane ornament. Me and my mum were looking for some new fun ornaments and we found this little candy cane. i think it will be a nice contrast to the red,green,white and gold ornaments.


This is a simple black and white candle glass. I just thought it’s a cute simple decoration to my very cluttered room 🙂 Then I added some sticks of cinnamon to the side as a nice touch.


I then bought some silver sprinkled pines. I want to put them in some translucent jar or something and I think it will look very nice and wintery. If you remember my fall decorations, I got real pines and painted them gold, so if you can’t buy these you can easily DIY them.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. I’m really sorry it came out soooooo late. I have no excuse I’m just lazy. 😉 . If you like hauls give this blog a like and comment your favourite Christmas\ winter decoration. And also have a great Black Friday!

Have fun shopping (my favourite type of fun 😉 )


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My top 5 Halloween costumes 2016

So guys happy Halloween! I hope at least one of you reading this gets to go to a Halloween party, cause I don’t have one this year. But I always liked Halloween costumes or costumes in general so here you have my top picks for costumes 2016!

1. Harley Quinn/ Suicide squad: Now these costumes are a big trend this year since the movie came out. Many girls this year are dressing up as Harley Quinn so I included that as a special category. But if you have a bigger group of friends you can dress as all the characters. And sorry but I couldn’t find any nice pictures of a whole suicide squad costume 😦 .aviary-photo_131224097765151432 2. Snapchat filters: Dog filter, deer filter, Gold goddess filter you name it. I like this costume because 1. it’s easy and involves no effort 2. you can super creative! So for any filter you want you just need some face paint maybe some fabric and arts and crafts stuff for the head pieces. It can be a great BFF or squad costume too.

3. Beyonce’s Lemonade: so this year Beyonce came out with a new album and a new music video. One of my top favorite costumes comes from this video. In one of the scenes she is wearing a yellow flowy dress and she has a baseball bat in her hands. In the scene her hair is curled.  You can recreate this look with any yellow dress and  your brothers baseball bat ;).


4.Sarbucks cup: Starbucks is huge around the world. many people love dressing up as their favorite Frappuccinos and Lattes. for this you need green cardboard paper as the straw and a dress of any colour and the logo. This can also be a squad costume too. Basically everyone of these can be a group costume. You can check out Laurdiy on youtube. She has many Starbucks tutorials.starbucks costume.jpg

5.Pokemon Go trainer: This game became huge these past months and the costume is really easy.You just need to pick the right colours for the team you want. Then just grab a belt a hat some Pokeballs and some fabric and get ready to diy!449b8688_PS16_S09_Pokemon_01137_V2.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Comment wich costume was your favorite and what is your costume this year. Sorry this took so long but I was shooting for the next blog and school kept me busy etc.

Have fun on Halloween


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