Where I’ve been

So some of you may be wondering where I’ve been. I mean my last post was a Christmas post! The truth I just wasn’t happy with anything I wrote or wanted to write. I didn’t think I was being myself here on this blog and I wasn’t happy with that. When I started I wanted to write about fashion, and I still do,but I want to write about my life too. And I wasn’t sure if you, my readers would like it. 

But now I don’t care if anyone likes what I post, because I want these post to be honest and about me and I think you will like it better than that girl who I was pretending to be. 

So what now? I decided to change my name  toooo…. drumroll please…. N’ diary. Because I want this blog to be like my diary, about me. And it can also be about you, like a diary for you too. So feel free to start a discussion down in the comments.

Don’ t worry I will still post about fashion too😊. So let me know what you think about the new name and about this article in general.

This is N signin out