Winter fashion

So i’ts that time again when the season changes and with it come new trends in fashion. These are some of my personal favourites, not everyone’s top picks. You can comment your favourites this year. Enjoy!

1. Earmuffs: Believe me when I say I’m obsessed with earmuffs. No really ask my mum. I love them so much because I ear ponytails often, so a beanie doesn’t always look right. They are the perfect solution for your ears not freezing off and still looking cute with your hair up. Plus you can totally use them to spice up a boring outfit. Oh, and if you watch the show scream queens, you know you love them too.

2.Big scarves:

Now these have become extremely popular this year and they are really practical and cozy. If you get cold during the day you can just wrap it around you. They can spice up a plain outfit, like the earmuffs , but the plaid or fuzz makes it more wintery or autumy. You can also find them in any colour you like to match you preferences.

Velvet: I have recently become obsessed with velvet and it’s been huge these past months. I love it because it’s so unique and it keeps you warm during the winter time 🙂 .  The good thing is you can get any piece of clothing in velvet. A top, a skirt, some pants, a dress anything.

I hope you liked this blog and again let me know in the comments you r Xmas faves. And let me know what you would like to see next.

Have fun in fashionable winter wear


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Winter/Christmas haul

So here in Slovakia we had a 4 day weekend this week so of course I and my mum did some shopping. Since we bought quite a lot I wanted to show you the stuff that I got, maybe give you some decor inspiration. Enjoy!

img_20161119_171821547 First I bought this little sparkly silver tree. I really like it as a piece of decor and it’s so nice and glittery 🙂 .


Next I bought these stars.  I want to hang them up on my chandelier or windows. Of course they will not stay brown, I think I will paint them in white or some sparkly silver.


Then I bought this sing in a frame that says Beauty Queen (duh). You can’t see it good in the picture but the background is a very nice light pink colour. I just redid my vanity and this frame with fairy lights looks very glamorous.

Next i bought a high heel cookie cuter. I waned a nice fashionable cookie cuter for a long time and now I get to decorate a nice shoe besides all the Christmas stuff.

img_20161119_173446676 Here you can see a beautiful purple candy cane ornament. Me and my mum were looking for some new fun ornaments and we found this little candy cane. i think it will be a nice contrast to the red,green,white and gold ornaments.


This is a simple black and white candle glass. I just thought it’s a cute simple decoration to my very cluttered room 🙂 Then I added some sticks of cinnamon to the side as a nice touch.


I then bought some silver sprinkled pines. I want to put them in some translucent jar or something and I think it will look very nice and wintery. If you remember my fall decorations, I got real pines and painted them gold, so if you can’t buy these you can easily DIY them.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. I’m really sorry it came out soooooo late. I have no excuse I’m just lazy. 😉 . If you like hauls give this blog a like and comment your favourite Christmas\ winter decoration. And also have a great Black Friday!

Have fun shopping (my favourite type of fun 😉 )


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My top 5 Halloween costumes 2016

So guys happy Halloween! I hope at least one of you reading this gets to go to a Halloween party, cause I don’t have one this year. But I always liked Halloween costumes or costumes in general so here you have my top picks for costumes 2016!

1. Harley Quinn/ Suicide squad: Now these costumes are a big trend this year since the movie came out. Many girls this year are dressing up as Harley Quinn so I included that as a special category. But if you have a bigger group of friends you can dress as all the characters. And sorry but I couldn’t find any nice pictures of a whole suicide squad costume 😦 .aviary-photo_131224097765151432 2. Snapchat filters: Dog filter, deer filter, Gold goddess filter you name it. I like this costume because 1. it’s easy and involves no effort 2. you can super creative! So for any filter you want you just need some face paint maybe some fabric and arts and crafts stuff for the head pieces. It can be a great BFF or squad costume too.

3. Beyonce’s Lemonade: so this year Beyonce came out with a new album and a new music video. One of my top favorite costumes comes from this video. In one of the scenes she is wearing a yellow flowy dress and she has a baseball bat in her hands. In the scene her hair is curled.  You can recreate this look with any yellow dress and  your brothers baseball bat ;).


4.Sarbucks cup: Starbucks is huge around the world. many people love dressing up as their favorite Frappuccinos and Lattes. for this you need green cardboard paper as the straw and a dress of any colour and the logo. This can also be a squad costume too. Basically everyone of these can be a group costume. You can check out Laurdiy on youtube. She has many Starbucks tutorials.starbucks costume.jpg

5.Pokemon Go trainer: This game became huge these past months and the costume is really easy.You just need to pick the right colours for the team you want. Then just grab a belt a hat some Pokeballs and some fabric and get ready to diy!449b8688_PS16_S09_Pokemon_01137_V2.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Comment wich costume was your favorite and what is your costume this year. Sorry this took so long but I was shooting for the next blog and school kept me busy etc.

Have fun on Halloween


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DIY Halloween/fall room decor

So happy October! I call October the ‘Saturday’ of fall. It reminds me of the absolute middle of fall. Like September is the ‘Friday’ and November is the ‘Sunday’.On to more important stuff. Since it’s fall and Halloween season I thought it was appropriate to do some DIY room decor. But I have one blue wall in my room, which means it’s a bit harder for me to decorate my room with the fall colours, So this will be universal decor. Just a disclaimer: I did take these ideas of Pinterest and You Tube, so if you find them elsewhere don’t comment mean stuff there. I stole them 🙂 .

Pumpkin decoration: Now this idea is for the people who don’t like pumpkin carving. I like it, but this year I decided to colour it. To match my room, but also look like fall I chose gold acrylic paint. Of course you can chose any colour you want to match your room. But if your going for a fall look try to use a more earthy and warm colour.

so first I painted the pumpkin of course and then I wrote a autumn quote, I made up 🙂 .

Chestnut and acorn jar decoration: This decoration is very pretty and also useful if you have empty jars laying around the house. So first you go outside to enjoy the nice scenery and pickup some chestnuts and acorns, or if you don’t have any chestnut or acorn trees around, you can make a road trip out of this and see if you find some. Anyway when you picked up your nuts, paint some of them in any colour you want. The coloured nuts really pop and make your room look really autumn and tumlbr.

I also picked up some pine cones and painted them gold like the nuts. As you can see me and my friends picked up a lot more than we should, but we just got carried away 😀 .

Starbucks cup decoration:  So you know those pretty fall-themed cups you get at Starbucks in fall. But only some of the drawing are coloured,  so I decided to colour the rest and make it all colourful and nice. It’s really therapeutic, just like those colouring mandala books.IMG_20161009_165115 (1).jpg 

 Hope you enjoyed this blog. Tell me if you like this type of blog (and my photos) . And tell me what type of posts you would like to see next. I really need it 😉 . Comment what DIY was your favourite.

Have a great ‘Saturday’ of fall


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How to deal with BFF problems

So I was planning to do a back to school blog, but then my trip to England came and with it came BFF problems. So I won’t give you the details, but here are some of my tips for how to deal with them.

1. Talk it out: Now this is the complete basic. If you had an argument (big or small), the best way to figure it out is when you tell each other what you think. 

2. Don’t be stubborn: I just added this like a side note. If your BFF hurt your feelings it’s okay to feel sad or mad. But when she apologizes and maybe give you a small gift, don’t be stubborn and not accept her apology or don’t talk to her. She  then might feel mad and hurt and your friendship could be broken.

3.Forgive and forget: After you talk it out don’t forget to apologize! But make sure if you did something bad to apologize first and vice versa. And also when you both apologize and hug etc. don’t bring up the argument again or always say “see I was right!”, you might start a bigger argument then your last one was.

4. Gifts: Now this could sound really random, but after you forgive each other your BFF might sill be a little sad. To make sure that doesn’t happen, try to surprise her with a little customized gift or invite her to the cinema or plan a nice sleepover.  

Hope you enjoyed this blog and that it helped you with your BFF problems, if you or someone else has them. Like this blog if you like your BFF. If you would like to see more of this kind of blog  or if you would like to see some back to school/fall related blog tell me in the  comments.

Have fun with your BFF



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A trip to France, Italy and Switzerland all at once

So here we are, my last A trip to.. blog post. I’s kind of funny that the last trip is a trip to three countries.  If you like to hike, run or you like mountains you know where I’ve been to. For the rest of you I’ve visited cities or villages near Mont Blanc. Like Courmayer, Chamonix and Champex. My dad was there supporting his friend who ran a national 170 km marathon UTMB or Ultra trail du Mont Blanc. And as we were waiting for him to finish we visited a few places like the lake Champex-lac, many macaroon stores in Chamonix and enjoyed living in Courmayer. So here are some photos. Enjoy!

The UTBM finishers



Some Mont Blanc views, and  Chamonix

And some other MB/ mountain views

Hope you enjoyed this blog, I know it came out a little late but…. I don’t have an excuse I’m just lazy. 😉 Since I go back to school today (I know it’s horrible) tell me what Back to school/Fall themed blogs you would like to see. PS: My blog is actually  a YEAR OLD!!!!!!


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A trip to High Tatras

So last week I was on a vacation in High Tatras and it was awesome. I would have to say my favorite trip was Prosiecka dolina. We saw some small waterfalls and climbed ladders and stones. But the waterfall it self was suuuuper small 😀 .

These are some pics from Kvacianska dolina. As you can see there were some goofy goats, that were stealing food from us and some waterfalls (you can’t tell I love taking pics of water can you?) and forests.

These shots are from Prosiecka dolina. I made a lot of photos there and this is the start.


Some view photos…

And some pictures of me and my friends or flowers 😉

Oh, I almost forgot. There were some extra friendly butterflies that sat on our hands, legs, heads and noses apparently 😉 .

Hope you like this blog. I am sad to announce that it’s one of my last summer travel blogs. 😦 But let me know if you would like to see some back to school themed blogs. Also like this post if you like hiking and mountains ( that’s two likes from my parents). 

Have fun the last summer days


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