Packing tips and tricks

So today I was packing for my trip to High Tatras (blog post coming) and this idea came to me: why don’t I make a packing blog post. As you have seen I travel a lot so here are my best tips and tricks for packing!

First you have to see how many days are you going to be away so you don’t bring too much or too little. Also consider your luggage. If your going for three to five days I recommend a backpack. If you are staying a week or eight to nine days pack into a suitcase. And if you are going for a long trip like two weeks and more, bring your biggest suitcase.

If you are going by a plane remember if you paid for hand luggage or checked luggage. Or you can always just throw random things into a backpack to make your suitcase lighter 😉 .

A good organizer tip is to layout your stuff on the floor or on your bed before you put it in your suitcase. Just plan out all your outfits or clothes and accessories, books… It really helps to see what you forgot.pack.jpg

Now for space saving. These tips are from my mum so you better pay attention!  Tip 1: Stuff socks into your shoes. Tip 2:Take clothes that you can combine. Tip 3: Wear your biggest clothing item (like a jacket or something). I found a space saving makeup tip: Pack your smallest bottle or amount of makeup or concealer or your smallest eyeshadow/ contour pallet. And if you don’t want a heave lipstick pack a tinted lip balm like the ones I lips  (1)

These were some of my packing tips. Sorry if this blog had a little less pictures than usual, but don’t worry the next one will be full of them. 😀 I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you did give it a like and let me know in the comment some of your packing tips so I can learn more. Just kidding I refuse to learn in summer 😉

Have fun packing

Ps: Last tip is that I always pack the night before so I don’t stress in the morning


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What to do when you are bored in summer

So I don’t know about you, but I am never bored in summer and I mean never. My mom plans my whole summer so there are only a few days that I am home. And on those days I usually re-pack. But if you are bored here are some things you can do.

Try to do a DIY: Now I wrote try because I am not really good at crafts. But it can be fun to at least try! So browse Pinterest (plus this step works like boredom killer too 😉 ) and find a cool DIY. I personally love food DIY’s .

unnamed (25).jpg

Start working out: Ok we all want to have that bikini body and when you are bored start working out not only will it help you but you will not be bored, trust me. I like working out with Cassey Ho aka Blogilates. She’s a great instructor and motivator. She also has some healthy food recipes. Her site is called and her channel is called Blogilates too. My BFF Koca likes her too.

Start a blog or a YouTube channel: This is my personal favorite 😀 . If you start a blog or a channel you will never be bored again! I think this is a thing everyone can do. I can’t really explain how you will not be bored, but you will find yourself worrying about it more and more.

Try a new hobby: Also part of the point above. Summer is the best time to start something new. It doesn’t mean only instruments and a new sport count as a hobby. For example learn how to braid or try to recreate a hairstyle,try painting or drawing, take photos… see there is a lo of small stuff and it can be fun. Just experiment.

 Travel: It doesn’t have to be a place far away from your home, it can be local. You can just walk around the historic part or go on a hike if you have a hill near by. If you can drive, take a road trip or you can just go to the mall like me and my BFF Koca that I mentioned earlier.Another option is camping witch I am going to do really soon.  But you can go to a crazy place like Thailand or The Bahamas if you can 😉 .

Hope you liked this blog full of nice photos if I might say. I know my blogs haven’t been about fashion lately but I’m hoping to extend my topics. If you noticed I am officially! So I’m hoping this blog could be fashion and lifestyle+tips and tricks . Comment what posts would you like to see next.

Have fun not being bored 😀


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A trip to Bulgaria

So you may be wondering: Where were you the last two weeks? I was in Bulgaria with my aunt and grandma. We didn’t explore much except trips around the town searching for gifts 😀 . So here are some sea and pool pictures and little kittens and sea birds.


So this is a picture from 4:50 a.m. from a plane. We watched the sunrise too but it was difficult to photograph.

The first one is an overview of the pool and the second one is how are hotel looked from one side of the street.

These are some sea pictures. I think you can tell I love to photograph the waves crashing. 🙂

Here are some little kittens that we found hanging out around the hotel. The grey one got more attention because she was super cute.

Some additional pictures of a sea bird (and there were so many of them) and some pretty flowers.


Now I felt like this picture needed to be added without the bird and the flowers, because it’s so beautiful and the colours are amazing. I took this picture I think the second day.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the blog. If you would like to see more pictures follow me on Instagram (little self promo never hurt 😀 ) @nattyk04 . Please tell me in the comments what summer blogs would you like to see next and give this post a like.

Have fun taking pictures



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Summer essentials

So summer is a time when our hair and skin need more attention then ever. That’s why I made a list of the top picks for skin, hair and fun stuff. Enjoy.

Hair: My hair is extremely dry not just during summer so I like to use a repair cream for my hair besides my shampoo. Also I like to use hairspray and oil.

Skin: This is an obvious one but always use sunscreen. I would know because I got sunburned this year. A good tip if you get sunburned is to use aloe vera ice cubes or aloe vera lotion. It helps a lot. Also for you sun and sea dehydrated skin use moisturizer or face cream.

Beach:Some of the beach essentials are a beach bag, towel and for me a camera or a phone. Of course you need a hat to protect your head. And if you want to know more about summer fashion check out Summer fashion and Bikini fashion. Floaties are a huge trend this year so I would recommend those. Also don’t forget to pack some water too. Fruit infused water helps you drink more so try using that.

 I forgot to mention that bikini bag. I use a bag like it when I go swimming and it’s really helpful. 

I hope you liked this blog and that it helped you. If you think I forgot something comment.Also next week I am going to Bulgaria so that will be another travel blog.

Have fun in summer


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Sicily- a paradise island


So you guessed it. I’m in Sicily. This is my second time I’m here and it’s perfect like last year. We are living in a villa. It has a great pool and a huge garden. There is also a vegetable garden and a lemon plant. There is also a beautiful beach. It’s a natural beach and there’s not a lot of people often. The temperature here is amazing and weather is perfect. Yesterday we went down to Noto and got some ice cream. I had Nutella and mum had coffee. Here are the pictures. Enjoy! 

This is from our visit in Noto.

The beach.

These are some of the flowers and the pool.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. I’m so sorry that it came out this late but there were problems with wifi, pictures, traveling or just me being lazy. I will make it up to you later this week I will post a small blog.

Have fun traveling


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Slumber party

So currently  I’m on a slumber party with my best friend Koca that I mentionend earlier. We decided to do a sleep over blog and here are some of are tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Invitations: We think that invitations are better for when you have a big party or a birthday party.unnamed (5)

Food: We think that you should have (in the summer) some fruit, ice cream obviously and some good drinks like smoothies or juices. You can’t also forget some popcorn and chocolate. 😀 Also you can make some food DIYs.

Things you can do: There’s absolutely no limits with this. From nails to face masks from karaoke to chasing your friend’s dog. But when it’s summer you will probably stay in the pool all day.

Outfits: Yesterday  we pretty much just stayed in are swimsuits and then some comfy clothes. If your going to a new friend’s house or it’s a big sleepover bring some nice pajamas.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Sorry it came out late but I was away last week. Also I had this idea that in summer especially in Sicilly I will blog more often. Tell me if you like it or not. Have a great summer break! And…

Have on slumber parties


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Swimsuit fashion

So swimsuit season is here! Here are some new trends to get you ready for summer.

One pieces: This is a huge trend this year! One pieces are coming back. But not just regular. Cut-outs, long backs and more. All the celebrities are wearing them too. For example Kylie Jenner wore this black swimsuit. These picture are some of the trendiest swimsuits. One pieces are good for people who don’t like to tan. Like me.


Bikinis: Now this is an obvious one, but new cool patterns are here fruits, animals and triangles. There are some that look like one pieces.

High wasted: A trend from the vintage times. They are so cute cause you can get retro ones but you can get a bit cheeky. It can help to hide a not so good bikini body.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. If I talked a bit less than I do it’s because your swimsuit choice is just yours. But I have some photos I want to share. In my last blog I mentioned Koca’s dog. Her name is Sara.

Have fun swimming


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